HD. Colour. Stereo. 2012

Paris in the year 2030, the city is deserted. A handful of nomads stranded here meets up via a Craigslist ad and tries to create a common space through language. They create a self-organised school (The Simili-School) in which they study the slang of the teenagers from the suburbs (Argot des Jeunes de la Cite) and by doing so also become closer as a group. “The text” however, takes on a life of its own – and starts to unsettle their newly established “home”.

Simili- relates different (post-)migrant realities to each other and deals with questions of how one can appropriate cultural and linguistic identity. It is a semi-fictional film that was realized in an open collaboration with four non-professional actors and a group of teenagers who participated in the scriptwriting process.

Ambra Dell’Aversano, Aldona Gritzmann, Jairo Marulanda, Joanna Oleradzka

Director, Script, Producer: Marlies Pöschl
Assistant Director, Assistant Producer: Sophie Lee Pierozzi
Director of Photography: Romain Carcanade
Camera B: Sonia Charoki
Sound: Sebastian Linsolas
Set Design: Malika Oudreaogo



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